Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 03.08.2016

5.5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Design-Renovate Firm

As a verbose individual, with far too much information on Kitchens and Bathrooms 🙂 … its best for all, that I give to you any information and experiences in a Top ‘Blank’ format! I’d normally go with a ‘Top 10’…but 5 is shorter, and keep me focused on the points.

NOW…I usually have the last ‘word’…so I’ll put in a point 5!

Stand by for more information packed advice in ‘Top 10’ lists yet to come…



Top 5.5: Reasons to Choose a Design-Renovate Firm




As a client, you enter a website, or a showroom and you are invited to dream. Well, you need a Sherpa to guide you; otherwise, the dream is lost, as soon as you wake up!

Trust me when I say, you NEED someone to be able to follow your project from the first conversation, straight through to caulking. As designers can’t do what contractors do, and contractors can’t do what designers do…you need a team. Your ‘dream’ designs’ content has to be grasped by your designer, then brought to fruition through proper communication with the team. If you don’t have this consistent ‘tread’ then the expectations of your vision will be lost.



You know the expression ‘It takes a village’? Well, that’s not true. I think it’s closer to a metropolitan city center!

The team you chose will be doing SO much communication, it’s truly unbelievable. In order to get your true design vision accomplished, there is paperwork-galore, meetings-galore, emails-galore, on-line-coordinating-galore …and that’s BEFORE demolition. It’s difficult to explain exactly what happens behind the scenes, simply because we have a team that does it … I won’t say ‘effortlessly’… but it seems as such.



So the ‘metro’ has an infrastructure that has bus lines, subway lines, highways, trolley lines, sidewalks, hiking trails…you get the idea.

There is an intricate weaving of all of these pathways, which have to intersect correctly, without messing up traffic AND not causing any accidents. That really is a true description of a renovation.

From Designers, to Schedulers, to Administrative Individuals, to Project/Installation Managers, to Skilled Installers and Service People, you are looking for one of those companies that is capable of navigating those pathways, and there is little to NO accidents. That’s a lot of practice! That’s a lot of experience!



For clients, it’s so difficult to tell who has experience and who doesn’t. Even for us trades people (that includes Designers) sometimes it’s hard to tell. Photos help, seeing and touching the work helps, showrooms help, but when you have an individual who RAVES…or is a FAN of the work that has been done, well, that’s all you really need.

GOOD, skilled trades are REALLY hard to find. We are a pretty young country, so we don’t have huge old-world knowledge in Canada; so when you find it, you don’t let it go! When I speak of skilled trades, I’m also referring to Designers, Schedulers, Installs Managers….they’re all part of the team!

If someone actually takes the time to write down their positive experience, then you KNOW that this is the Design-Renovate Team you want to choose. There’s so much negative, but the positive experience is what really counts. Look for past clients who are proud and happy to show off the work that’s been done in their homes. References count!



People love to shop on the internet. You know why? Because they don’t have to get up; everything is at their fingertips. I totally understand this! 

So, using a Design-Renovate firm usually allows this type of ‘turn-key’ format. The client doesn’t have to run around town trying to find items that may or may not exist. You have a guide who can help you find what you are looking for because they are the ones that run around town – all the time – and know where that ‘thing-ma-bob’ actually is!

When you work with a Designer, who works with a Design-Renovate, they have the experience to know what works and doesn’t work (the second part is the more important part…goes back to experience). They will recommend the products that are ‘proven’ to work best, so you don’t have huge service issues. One of the best benefits of using a designer is that ….. They just know!



At the beginning of this ‘Top 5.5’, I referenced shopping on the web. That experience lacks something.

It lacks interaction with humans, looking into their eyes, having a conversation and trusting them. Whomever a client chooses to work with, they must realize that they are going to be dealing with this person for quite some time. Both parties need to be able to work with one another.

I’m not saying sign up for with your Designer, but truly, it’s an intense interaction. It’s also a trust relationship….choose wisely.

Ta Ta for now