Educational | 23.11.2015

How To Select a Toilet

At some point in our lives, most homeowners are faced with having to buy a new toilet. But gosh, darn, there are so many choices. When you start looking around you’ll see a huge range in pricing. It doesn’t take long to wonder how much you need to spend to get something of quality, because having to fix a leak can be far more costly....
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Educational, Kitchen and Bath | 30.09.2015

Appliance Tips

In the quest for a lovely, functional, new kitchen, appliances are one of the first things you should be considering, although we recommend not purchasing them until after your final kitchen plan is complete. There are a myriad of options…...
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Educational | 10.09.2015

All About Granite

A natural beauty, granite is mined from all over the world and every slab is unique. Even granite of the same type can look different when taken from a different spot from the same quarry....
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Educational | 09.06.2015

All About Quartz Countertops

Arguably the most durable material for countertops, quartz is composed of natural quartz stone pieces, mixed together with resin, polymers and pigments. ...
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