Our team helps you navigate the sometimes overwhelming renovation and design process using our collective expertise and experience. Our goal is to make the renovation process as easy as possible by resourcing and managing the entire project from conception, through construction, to final completion. During the process, you will work closely with your designer, project coordinator and installation manager to ensure your project’s success.

Meet our Team

  • "The Day She discovers her wings, she knows there'll be no stopping her" - Unknown
  • My guilty pleasure - A spoonful of Nutella
  • The most unexpected item in my trunk - Fishing Rod


Kitchen Designer

As far back as Cyndi can remember, she has been sketching out floor plans and collecting paint chips with her father when they would take a trip to the hardware store. After successfully completing the Interior Decorating program at Algonquin College, she knew she wanted to further herself and specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom Design. Cyndi sees each project as a jigsaw puzzle, at first it's a challenge with so many pieces, but once you work out all of the possibilities, she finds great satisfaction in "laying the last piece"! Her passion for design is undeniable. When she is away from her computer, you can find her relaxing by the campfire roasting the best marshmallow you will ever have.

  • Can't live without MY SMARTPHONE! And my kids!
  • "You have no control over what other people do/don't do, you only have control over how you react to it!" - My Gram
  • The Website I Visit Most - Houzz


Kitchen Designer

Helen loves working with people. Understanding what they want in a design, and delivering it to them is her passion. Through many years in the kitchen design industry she has excelled at putting onto paper what people are thinking. She pulls together the component parts, taking into consideration colours, textures, and aesthetics to create the space that is unique and functional for her clients' needs and desires. She loves spending time with her husband, two daughters, and Charlie (that's her dog in case you're wondering). To recharge her batteries after a busy week (or month) she loves to get out on a lake in a boat to let the cool breeze bring about refreshment to her soul.

  • Bucket list item - Play golf at Pebble Beach
  • Coffee - double double, contractor special
  • Can't Live Without - competitive sports

Jeff E.

Licensed Carpenter

Jeff has been building things ever since he could pick up a hammer. Carpentry has not only been an occupation for him, but a passion for the last few decades. He can usually be found discussing the latest theories in building science for hours on end even though those around have long fallen asleep. Restoring muscle cars and riding dirt bikes, snowmobiles and anything else that runs on gasoline is also a guilty pleasure. But nothing can compare to the adventures of the day that his son dreams up, like skipping stones, jumping in puddles or making pirate ships out of couch cushions.

  • Favourite Movie Character - Squints, The Sandlot
  • Best Vintage Find - 1976 Ibanez Concord Acoustic Guitar
  • Design Icon - Francis D.K. Ching (Frank Ching)

Jeff G.

Renovation Specialist

Jeff can't remember a time when he wasn't involved in construction in some form or another. When he was young he worked with his Dad and Uncles to build family cottages. This grew through high school and he became a student of Architecture. He has a love for the details. For him, a working drawing, whether it's a full set of house plans or simple beam connection, is like a work of art. When he’s not working or busy with family, his favourite way to pass time is music. He has a growing collection of both acoustic and electric guitars and amplifiers. When time permits he loves to play and sing with the guys in Barlow & Co.

  • Paint Colour - Benjamin Moore Cinnamon Slate 2113-40
  • "What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it." - Unknown
  • Coffee - Black. You don't mess with perfection.


Part-time Receptionist

Kaitlyn is that smiling face that will greet you when you come to the showroom on a Saturday and she'll offer you that all important cup of coffee. All the other days of the week she's very busy working on a PhD in Psychology. Her focus is in the area of parole decision-making and offender re-entry, and is enjoying learning and working with Parole Boards throughout North America. She is counting on none of you ever being a subject of her research.
  • Current Obsession - my biweekly basket of fruit/veggies from a local farmer
  • Website I Visit Most - TheKitchn
  • Best Vintage Find: Sterling silver hand raised vase


Design and Sales Innovation

Lindsey has always been a creative person with an eye for detail, and loves that “thinking outside the box” is in the job description. She has a background in art and design (she spent three years training as a Goldsmith) and has project management experience within the renovation industry. She typically has the messiest desk, but consider this from Albert Einstein; “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” After hours, she enjoys yoga, running and trying new recipes - ask about her newest favourite!
  • Favourite movie character is Obe-Wan Kenobi
  • Guilty Pleasure - Reading a history book while sipping grand marnier
  • Bucketlist - Visit Istanbul (I love history)



Mark is passionate about people. As an introvert you may need to look below the surface, but everything in the company centers around people. After spending 18 years in high tech, and then purchasing Ottawa Windows and Doors, Mark found his niche - starting and running businesses where a service to people is key. His wife of 34 years still wonders when he will "get a real job", but he enjoys being an Entrepreneur and his chief skill is hiring great people. When he isn't running Copperstone, he is working with other entrepreneurs, locally and around the world, through his leadership roles in the Entrepreneurs' Organization. He loves traveling, and SCUBA diving - it's a wonderful world under the sea...
  • "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon" - Unknown
  • Can't live without - My Bike
  • Fun Fact - I'm a Twin


Superstar In Training

Matt has always been into fixing things and building, throughout high school he worked as a mechanic at a local bike shop which really helped his problem-solving skills. After highschool he went to Ottawa U for civil engineering.  It took 4 years for him to realize he enjoyed working with hammer and nails rather than pen and paper. He took some time off from school and focused on his other passion for a year- sports. He raced on a competitive cycling team and was keen to go back to school the next fall.   Matt enrolled in Cabinet and Furniture making and loved the rewarding feeling of seeing a project come to life. Matt joined the Copperstone team in March 2016 and continues to strive for success! 

  • Design Tip - When you have an obstacle - make it a feature
  • Famous for Cooking - Spicy Cajun shrimp
  • Bucketlist - Eat again in Thailand


Installation and Renovation Specialist

After 25 years of owning and running his own renovation companies, Norm has associated himself with the Copperstone Team because they reflect and value the same principles of exceeding customer expectations and only doing work to the highest standards. Norm passionately teaches kettlebell and loves doing renovations to his own home. By indulging in his geeky technology side, Norm loves to come up with new ways to facilitate highly effective communication between the team members and the team with the customer so that a renovation becomes a shared and enjoyable experience.
  • "Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence-is the key to unlocking our potential" - Winston Churchill
  • Design Icon - Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Loves being frightened on roller coasters.


Renovation Specialist

Robert has been a renovation specialist for over 35 years. He has delivered successful transformations of homes to happy homeowners. From challenging historic tasks to opening whole homes up to suit new lifestyles, he has done it all. Robert values working with homeowners as 'co-developers' and enjoys seeing the delight and pleasure in a finished new space. From his very early days he has valued the trust homeowners have given him over the years. Robert is as proud to have many clients who call him up again and again, some over decades, as they develop their homes. Spare time is taken up with restoring his 1860's farmhouse and indulging himself in keeping his vintage motorcycles in good running order.
  • Favourite Actor - Al Pacino
  • Paint Colour - Mocha Torte
  • Bucket List item - See a major golf tournament live


Licensed Carpenter

The token Newfie in the crowd, AND PROUD OF IT (every company needs one)!!! Ron has worked within the Copperstone and Ottawa Windows and Doors companies for going on 25 years. He loves golf, fishing, golf, hockey, golf, and coaching kids sports, oh, did we mention golf? He hates meetings and will look for almost any excuse to miss one, but loves swinging a hammer... almost as much as swinging a golf club. Go Habs Go...
  • Guilty Pleasure - Country Music
  • Movie Character - Don Corleone (The God Father)
  • Bucket List - Learn Blacksmithing


Installation Expert

Roy has extensive background in the renovation realm, and has spent years honing his skills and techniques. The world of tile installation is a passion for him and he enjoys the challenge of a complex tile design. Some tasks test patience, but the end result always makes it worth while. There is nothing like the pleasure of seeing the look of gratitude on a customer’s face when they see the final product. His other significant passion is his wife and two sons, whom he enjoys spending time with when not at work.

  • Favourite sports team - SENATORS and JAYS!
  • Best Tip - Hire a designer :) - don't watch HGTV!
  • "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Kitchen Designer

One word can sum up Shannon - Creativity. You could probably throw in passion, humour, boisterous..., but if you wanted to make her one-dimensional, it would be creativity. She always strives for excellence and works hard to WOW her clients so they can WOW their guests. Her off-hours time is often spent immersed in kitchen related activities, whether it's promoting the kitchen business in Ottawa through her work on the Ottawa Board of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, or mentoring the next generation of Kitchen and Bath Designers as a part-time teacher at Algonquin College. When it comes to Design her motto is "Change is good, Donkey" - Shrek the Ogre.
  • Movie Character - Indiana Jones
  • Ice Cream - Rocky Road
  • Bucket List - Build a kit plane in my barn


Renovation Specialist

Stacy doesn’t wear a tool belt everyday to work, but he’s done a plethora of renovations at his own homes over the years. Removing walls, creating new kitchen spaces, building a custom nursery, he’s done it all. He truly enjoys the feeling at the end of the day admiring what can be done with the proper tools and creativity and wants to help Copperstone's clients share in that experience. He has a love for aviation and as a licensed pilot enjoys taking flight whenever he can. Sometimes he can be found parked by a runway watching the planes land, bottle of wine in hand.  

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